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Federico II Stupor Mundi

Federico II Stupor Mundi
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Argomento: Racconti
Federico II Stupor Mundi
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Anno di pubblicazione: 2023
Autore: Antonella Colucci
Confezione: brossura
Formato: 21x29,7
Illustrazioni: color drawings by Adriana Iannucci
ISBN: 9791280809155
Pagine: 80

Antonella Colucci

Stupor Mundi Federico II

The man, the hero, the legend

Fascinating reading for children, which, with the help of beautiful color plates, masterfully created by Adriana Iannucci, tells the life and deeds of the great leader Frederick II of Swabia, King of Puglia, Sicily and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Frederick II was endowed with a multifaceted and fascinating personality, an extraordinarily cultured and energetic man who had a very eventful life, creating a long series of popular legends around him. His adventures have always stimulated the imagination of children and, the presumption of this book, is to initiate young readers into understanding the importance and validity of his deeds, encouraging them to compete against each other.

Drawings by Adriana Iannucci.

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