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Lecce, not just baroque

Lecce, not just baroque
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Argomento: Turismo
Lecce, not just baroque
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  • Autore: Autori Vari
  • ISBN: 9788896711088
Scheda tecnica
Anno di pubblicazione: 2010
Autore: AA.VV.
Confezione: brossura
Formato: 17x24
Illustrazioni: a colori
ISBN: 9788896711088
Pagine: 144, with DVD and city map attached

Autori Vari

Lecce, not just baroque

Chief town of Salento, a land of surprising and varied beauty

Lecce is the chief town of Salento, a land of surprising and varied beauty at the southernmost tip of the Italian peninsula. This is a city where the taste and talent of past generations have still something to tell to visitors, and where small stone treasures still gloriously withstand the passing of time.

Despite its overflowing decoration, Lecce's Baroque has the unique power of never appearing exaggerated. The variety and elegance of its productions are never banal. Though solemn and sumptuous, the constructions are still marked by a sense of lightness that reveals a sincere joy of life. The lively ornaments and expressive stone figures are never cloying and cheerfully accompany visitors along their walks.

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